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Our locksmiths have encountered a variety of questions regarding locks.

We have listed these questions and answered them here. Learn more about ways to handle lock problems and what to do when the your keys break and you get locked out. Smart and simple answers!

How do locksmiths open locks?

Every locksmith has a set of tools that can be used to open different brands of locks and keys. If the door has been locked with a key, which is lost, then you could contact our team in Escondido. Our locksmiths will check if the lock needs to be drilled open, but if the door is slammed shut, it can be opened easily without causing damage to the lock.

How can I prevent a house lockout?

House lockouts happen due to broken or lost keys and the best way to prevent them is to be careful and check all the locks and keys periodically. Keep a duplicate of the key in a safe spot at home or give it to a friend or neighbor you can trust. Never step out of your home without the keys.

When should I opt to rekey my home locks?

There are several instances when rekeying is necessary. This may be essential when buying a new home, or if someone has embezzled your keys, or you are not sure how many keys are made on a property and distributed to other people. Any concerns regarding the security of your property also warrant rekeying.

Is my home safe with a so-called obsolete conventional security system?

Unfortunately, no home is guaranteed safety. However, what some people say about conventional locks becoming obsolete isn’t right as a conventional system will still keep your home safe and secure, just as it has done for many years. Simply make sure that all the mechanisms have been locked during unsafe hours.

What’s the solution for a key broken inside the lock?

The blade is extracted and the lock is repaired if it has gotten damaged during the breaking. If the damage is severe, the lock is replaced along with the key.

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